First and foremost a gymnastics facility, we run two different programs when it comes to actual gymnastics classes. The first program, Rising Stars, focuses on kids between 18 months and six years. Our Girls Gymnastics program focuses on kids over the age of six.

See further class descriptions and program breakdowns on the right.

For more information about when these classes are offered, see the class schedule.

Rising Stars

These classes focus on large and small motor skills, while introducing the students to basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam and floor. Children have fun playing games and using trampoline and equipment designed specifically for their size!

Little Dippers

This is a parent-participation class and introduces taking turns, class order and sequence. Gymnastics skills and awareness are developed through the use of obstacle courses and other equipment. 

Little Stars

In this class, we focus on physical challenges through an obstacle course including basic gymnastics, basic movements, balancing and loco-motor skills. 

Shooting Stars

This class is designed to prepare children for a smooth transition from our preschool program to our recreational program, which begins at age six. Children will be introduced to more complex gymnastics skills. 

Girls Gymnastics

This program is for children ages six and up. The program offers classes of different levels, allowing gymnasts to advance as their skills improve.  The program focuses on learning gymnastics in a fun, encouraging environment.

Level 1

Children learn beginner skills and drills on beam, floor, vault, bars and tramp.  Skills learned on the Tumble-Trak provide an exciting workout.

Level 2

This class emphasizes proper technique and skills needed to master intermediate gymnastics. Children continue to learn more advanced skills. Teachers introduce new challenges and sequencing of skills.

Level 3

Continues to introduce gymnasts to more advanced skills. Execution of these skills while maintaining good body position is the primary focus.

Pre-team (2)

Pre-team focuses on preparing gymnasts for the competition levels by adding more hours per week and advancing the skills they work on during practices.