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Ninja classes are about improving strength, agility and endurance through obstacle manipulation.

We offer two levels: beginning and intermediate. The beginning level is split into two age groups, and the classes are each an hour long. Pre-register and set up a free trial class for your child today.

Knee-High Ninja Class: Ages 4-6


This class is for children under the age of 7. As with most classes offered for this age group, the kids do it without their parents, gaining self-confidence in their own independence. During the class, the kids will begin to understand structure, routine and following directions while also having fun. They improve their strength, agility and body awareness through the ninja curriculum and always come off of the floor with a smile on their face.

Beginning Ninja Training: Ages 7 and up


While this class is also a beginning level ninja class, it tends to include more advanced skills than the Knee High Ninjas class and move at a faster pace. They have just as much fun as the younger class, but some are a bit more serious about the ninja training. When they master the skills needed for Intermediate Ninja, the coach will move them up.

Intermediate Ninja Training/Tumbling: Ages 6+


This is a newer class, created to accommodate those who were ahead of the rest of the Beginning Ninja Training students. It is 55 minutes long and includes tumbling work as well as ninja training, so they can master their flips and tricks on the ground as well. The coach will skill test the Beginning Ninja Training students regularly to make sure everyone is moved up to the right level.

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